Backline Equipment Hire


  BASS Head/Combo:  


     1 x Gallien Krueger 700RB Bass Head    
     1 x Ampeg SVT-3PRO Bass Head

     1 x Ampeg SVT-4PRO Bass Head                                                                        
     1 x Ampeg BA-115 Combo 1x15”    


  Bass Cabinet:     


     1 x Quad box (4x10) bullfrog                                                                          
     1 x Ampeg SVT-810E Cabinet (8x10)

     3 x Ampeg PN-410HLF Cabinet (4x10)

     1 x Ampeg PN-115HLF Cabinet (1x15)                                                           
     1 x Kelley Quad box (4x10)                                                                              

  GTR Head/Combo :      


     2 x Fender Twin Pro Tube  100w Combo Gtr Amp

     1 x Fender Supersonic 112 (blonde) 60w  Combo Gtr Amp
     1 x Vox AC30CC2  Combo Gtr Amp

      1 x Vox AC30C2  Combo Gtr Amp - Celestion Greenback                                                  
     1 x B52 AT112 valve combo

     1 x Peavey Delta Blues 115 valve combo

     1 x Peavey Classic 30 valve combo

     1 x Marshall JCM900 (4100)100w Head 

     1 x Marshall DSL 100H 100w Head 


  GTR Cabinet: 

     1 x Marshall 1960A  300w, 4 x 12" Slant Cab

     1 x Marshall 1960BHW  120w, 4 x 12" Cab

     1 x B52 AT412B      480w, 4 x 12” Straight Cab

  DRUM KIT:        

     1 x Pearl Export Series                                                                                     
          Kick-22x16(single beater), Snr-14x6, R1-10x10, R2-12x10, R3-14x12, FL-16x14, 4 x cymbal booms, Hi-Hat Stand, Single Kick Pedal,            Stool


     1 x Mapex Meridian Birch                                                                                
          Kick-22, Snr-14, R1-10, R2-12, FL-16, 2 x cymbal booms, Hi-Hat Stand, Single Kick Pedal,  Stool


        1 x DW Performance Series (Pewter Sparkle)
          Kick- 22x18, Snr-14x5.5, R1-10x8, R2-12x9, FL1-14x12(with Legs), FL2-16x14(with Legs), 2 x DW CP9900 double Tom Stands,

          4 x DW 5700 cymbal booms/straight stands, DW 5500D Hi-Hat Stand, DW 9300 Snare stand, DW 9000 Single Kick Pedal,

           Gibraltar 9608 Stool


     1 x Yamaha Absolute Series (Vintage Black) – Jazz (18” kick) or Rock/Fusion (22” Kick)
          Kick-18x15 Or 22x15 Snr-14x5.5, R1-10x8, R2-12x8, FL-14x15,FL-16x15,

          4 x Gibraltar 6606 cymbal booms/straight stands , Gibraltar 9607ML-DP Hi-Hat Stand, Gibraltar 9606 Snare stand,

          Gibraltar 9611DD Single Kick Pedal, Gibraltar 9608 Stool     



          2 x Gibraltar 5706EX D/B extended height  Snare stand

          1 x Gibraltar 5711DB chain cam drive double kick pedal

  CYMBAL KIT 1: Mixed Pack:**    

  CYMBAL KIT 2: Paiste Pack: 14” hi hats, 10” Paiste Splash, 16” Paiste Crash, 20” Paiste Ride            

  CYMBAL KIT 3: Sabian Pack: 13” HHX Hi Hats, 10” AAB Splash, 16” HHX Cash, 18” HHX Crash, 20” HHX dry ride

  CYMBAL KIT 4: Sabian Pack: 14” B8 Hi Hats, 16”B8 Cash, 20” B8 Ride, 20” XS Ride

  CYMBAL KIT 5: Sabian Pack: 14” B8 Hi Hats, 16”B8 Cash, 20” B8 Ride

  CYMBAL KIT 6: Meinl Pack: 14” MB10-Med SW Hi Hats, 16” MB10 Med Cash, 18” MB8 China, 20" MB10 Med Ride                                                    

  Other Percussion:     1 x Conga  11"    LP Matador Natural Wood,

                                       1 x Conga  11 3/4  LP Matador Natural Wood

                                       1 x Dual Conga Stand

                                       1 x Pair Bongos + Stand


  KEYBOARD:                1 x Roland RD 700 sx Electric Piano with Pedal

                                       1 x Roland RD 700 nx Electric Piano with Pedal

                                       1 x Yamaha Motif XF7 Synthesizer with Pedal



                                       - Ultimate Apex 2 tier Keyboard stands

                                       - X style Keyboard stands

                                       - Bench style Keyboardstand   

                                       - Single Guitar Stands

                                       - 4 way Gunrack Guitar Stand 

                                       - 7 way Gunrack Guitar Stand

                                       - Music Stands

                                       - Sconce Lights