Hire Terms & Conditions


All equipment supplied on hire remains the property of Kennedy Amplifier Hire Service.  Hereinafter referred to as the owner.

The hirer agrees to clean and place the hired equipment in a position accessible for pick up by a vehicle and to notify the owner by giving 24 hours notice when the equipment is ready to be picked up. 

The hirer agrees to pay for all goods lost, stolen, damaged or not returned to the owner at the current replacement cost.

The hirer agrees to pay a cash deposit as well as the hiring charges set out in the owner’s current rate schedule in advance, from the time of delivery to the time of pick up and to pay dismantling, cartage, cleaning and repair charges determined by the owner at current hourly rate.

Minimum period of hire is one day until 10.00am the following day, one week is 4 days. Equipment returned after 10.00am the following day will be charged an extra day. 

Equipment on hire is not to be moved from the job address without the consent in writing of the owner.

In the event of the hirer’s default in payment of charges and/or return of equipment, the owner and its agent shall have the right to terminate the hire agreement and to enter the hirer’s premises to recover the equipment. The hirer agrees to grant access to the owner’s equipment when called upon to do so.

All equipment is cleaned and checked prior to leaving the owner’s premises. Subsequent cleaning is the responsibility of the hirer.

No warranty is given by the owner in respect of the condition of the equipment hired, or its fitness for any particular purpose.  The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the owner in respect of all claims, suits or demands arising out of the hired equipment during the period of hire.

The owner does not effect any insurance whatsoever on hire equipment, insurance of all hired equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.

If the hirer or his agents are not available on site when the goods are delivered or picked up the owner reserves the right to unload or pick up the goods and the hirer agrees to accept the owner’s report as evidence of loss or damage.
Equipment for weekends must be returned to our premises (or our office notified in the case of cartage being required) by 10.00 am the following day, or the above conditions shall apply.

The owner reserves the right to revise the hire rate schedule charges without notice.

Items dispatched by bus, road transport, rail, sea or air are at the hirer’s risk and responsibility.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to terminate the hire and request a pick up or return equipment in good condition.  The equipment is received in good order and condition. 

A 1.5% per month charge will be applied to unpaid Hire Invoices after 28 days of delivery/hire.

The client is advised that we reserve the right to add a $2 or 1.5% charge for card transactions.